[FREE][GAME]BrickBreaker Arcade


This is the first android application I ever coded, and the first one I published. It is on the google play store, please give it a go and give me any feedback. Thank you.

Battle your way through 60 unique levels in this retro arcade version of Brick Breaker. Move the paddle from side to side with your finger to bounce the ball and break the bricks. This Brick Breaker game features various power up pills such as multi-ball, power-ball and laser fire to help your Brick Breaker exploits. You can save your top ten scores which allows you to develop your Brick Breaker prowess and compete against friends. This app is inspired by Arcade classics such as Atari’s Breakout, Taito’s Arkanoid and Blackberry’s Brick Breaker. Enjoy!

BrickBreaker Arcade features Google Play Achievements and a Global Leaderboard. How will your brick breaking skills fare against the world?

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Direct Download APK (MediaFire)