[FREE][GAME]Baby Panic

Baby Panic

You’re the nurse in charge of caring for babies on the hospital nursery, and … on your first day and you’re about to go mad!: You’ve never seen any babies so naughty: they jump from their cribs, try jump out the window, put their fingers in plugs, they take the medicine cans … They’re like little devils!

If you want to keep this job, you have to save babies and keep them healthy (at least the percentage that the head nurse tell you at the beginning of the turn). When a baby get sick, you can always take him to the emergency room in order to heal him, but … watch out for the others meanwhile!

But however busy you are … you’ll have to find time to go to the bathroom when you need it, or have a coffee in night shifts in order to stay awake. The good new is that as you progress, you’ll find various power-up that will make your job easier. When you finally get to sleep them all, then you have to avoid them to awake from hunger, a nightmare, or a dirty diaper.

Enjoy this cartoon game for all ages and save all babies as you can, and try to avoid to become a mad nurse!

The game is completely free, and is monetized by ads (1 interstitial every 3 levels, a banner on game menu, and 1 insterstitial at game exit), and by 1 IAP to remove ads.


Please, tell me your thoughts about the game :slight_smile: This one was much easier to code than RoboKlinik ( [FREE] RoboKlinik - Android Apps - GameMaker Community ) , but I think this will be much more successfull, as is easier to play.

Thank you!