[FREE][GAME] Azedeem: Heroes of Past. Tactical turn-based RPG.

Game Features:
[li]Get Idle Reward. You get the reward even when you are not playing and there are no timer which force to wait or spend resources.
[/li][li]Upgrade And Evolve Your Heroes. Collect enough resources and make your heroes stronger.
[/li][li]Fight against other players. Create an undefeatable army and become the top 1 in the Arena of Dumuk-Adakh.
[/li][li]Get most of heroes synergy. Combine different heroes in your army to get most of their abilities and skills.
[/li][li]Use magic skills and scrolls. Use deadly magic spells to crush your enemy.
[/li][li]Master battle strategy. Interesting turn-based battles will make you take time to think.
[/li][li]Lots of different game modes.

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Azedeem is at open beta at the moment.