[FREE][GAME] Azedeem: End of Era - Trading Card Game

Azedeem: End of Era - is a Trading Card Game full of magic and danger. Play as one of the great Heroes to save your people. You can choose either orcs, human, ogres or elfs to join. Be the first who will face the end of era of Azedeem. Fight hundreds of amazing adventures. Collect, upgrade and evolve your cards to develop the deadliest army. Create your own unique strategy to get advantage of your cards’ many abilities. Get advantage of each card by setting its position in the battle. Use their abilities to crush the enemy and win!


[li]Great battles where it is necessary to develop a unique strategy.
[/li][li]Upgrade and evolve your cards to discover new cards and abilities.
[/li][li]Create different decks and combinations to use the full power of your creatures.
[/li][li]Play a unique for each race campaign to learn the full story of a magic world or fight against other players in multiplayer.
[/li][li]No need to wait: there is no “energy” or something else you need to wait to restore to continue playing

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the gameplay kinda reminds of World of Warcraft

[li]Changed balance in card attributes.
[/li][li]Changed cards’ special abilities:
[li]Doctor’s, Healer’s and Priest’s healing skills become more powerful.
[/li][li]Magic Madness now reduce more health.
[/li][li]Inspiration gives more defence.
[/li][li]Blood Magic steals more health.
[/li][li]Royal Archer’s special ability now gives much less bonus to defence and attack.
[/li][li]Totem of Healing becomes much more powerful.
[/li][li]Brotherhood Heal is now less powerful.
[/li][li]Balance ability now gives less attack power.
[/li][li]Assault ability now gives less attack power and takes more defence.
[/li][li]Support ability now gives less attack and defence bonus.
[li]Changed shop in both multiplayer (no hero level limit when buying new cards) and singleplayer (additional cards are available).
[/li][li]Changed rating calculation logic in multiplayer.
[/li][li]Rating is no longer resetted at the end of rewardable period.
[/li][li]Added informational panel for updates.
[/li][li]Minor bugs fixed.

[li]Added Armory and new way to improve cards
[/li][li]Improved AI
[/li][li]Improved global map

What kind of universe in this game, I really like trading card game

It is a fantasy universe but not a famous one

[li]Added new card package.
[/li][li]Added single player saves server synchronization(to activate it create a user in multiplayer).
[/li][li]Improved battle and main map scenes.
[/li][li]Added new products to store.
[/li][li]Fixed and changed some cards abilities.
[/li][li]Improved balance.
[/li][li]Fixed texts.
[/li][li]Some minor fixes and improvements.
[/li][li]Fixed battle animation bug.

I like this game very much. I used to play it in my free time.

Update 1.9

  1. All game user interface changed.
  2. Fully changed global map.
  3. Added rarity of cards.
  4. Changed merge bonuses.
  5. Changed difficulty of single player levels.
  6. Added new items to shop.
  7. Improved balance.

good game!