[FREE][GAME][And 2.1+]Cand Cut HD

From the creators of devils jewels , Fruit Jump and Devils Cauldron , now comes a completely original new game for mobile HD systems, totally free !

Candy Cut Halloween! HD

Candy cut is a game similar to other celebrities like cut the rope , fruit ninja , ninja devil , shoter slash fruit etc …
In this game we must break the Halloween candy ,untouched malignant pump exploded and we take away lives.
this game is not only set in days of halloween !

★ A variety of visual effects from candies cut scenes explosive action to pulsating science fiction!
★ improve your stats, level up and increase your chances of being the best player in the world !
★ game completely free , created especially for the high-resolution screens . 1280x720 720p !
★ manga characters funny and sympathetic .
★ candy well designed for cutting, breaking and spray
★ cuts and pierces everything pumpkin fast as you can
★ get other characters with their own stats and effects .
★ Pet system , Collects pets that will help you improve your game .

dwonload free:



Update With new link for Download !!!


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