[Free game] Adventure of Thieves

Hello I am a Game Developer at indie Game Studio Binarystudio54 from Indonesia. Currently we have just released our new game “Adventure of Thieves” on Steam as an Early Access. Adventure of Thieves is a platformer game that can be played single player or against another player (player vs player). The main mission of the player is able to pass through the Dungeon full of traps and obstacles to steal the treasure.

Steam Store : =http://store.steampowered.com/app/511610/]Adventure Of Thieves on Steam

Android Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binarystudio54.adventureofthieves

IOS : Comingsoon

We would highly appriciate it if you would take the time to review our game. We are looking for honest critique so we can further improve our skills.

Description :

Platformer Lovers !!!

Dare to accept the challenge? Player vs Player addicted?

Train your skills in single player and join in PvP arena.

Try the experience for this unique platformer game, there are many level in single player to train your skills, beware there are many traps that you never imagined before.


Try your ability to steal the treasure from other players as much as possible in each different stage, but remember that your treasure also could be stolen by other players, so you have to build your Dungeon as safe as possible, protect with traps, obstacle and many items from store.

Don’t forget to keep build your Dungeon so that treasure that you have not stolen by other player. Be the best player in this game by winning the league of thief.

Features :

Just drag and drop to build your Dungeon
Many kinds of traps and obstacles that you can choose to strengthen your Dungeon
Steal treasure from another player

Character :

R.A.V.E.N : Robotic Artificial Violence and Exploration Neohuman is a cyborg created by a human who once used to explore the earth’s resources and maintain the security of the dungeon of the thieves.

But all of that changed after several thieves try to abuse R.A.V.E.N. By some thieves R.A.V.E.N used as a cyborg that can be useful to break and penetrate the security of a dungeon, they break into the dungeon in order to steal the wealth they have. From this R.A.V.E.N began much abused.

Many people now use R.A.V.E.N to steal the treasure, they use the stolen resources to repair and upgrade their own dungeon so that can not be penetrated or cracked by others.

Video :