Free for non-commercial usage image in ads support app?

I made an app and it live for 2 year on Play store. It’s a free app with ads.

I wonder if i need change all image in this app or not?

Because it have many images (about 200), i get from some image search engine and they label “Free for non-commercial usage”.

I know that i earn some money from it, and very danger if someone report my app.

I’m not sure what are you asking about… If you use images that are “Free for non-commercial usage”, and you earn any money from the app - be it from paid version, IAPs or ads, it is illegal and you might get banned. If you post your app here, most likely someone will report it. I would never use stolen assets but its just me, after reading this forum it seems its more common practice that I thought. If you do a bit of search you could find a lot of public domain images that can be used freely in commercial apps, even without attribution. Some public domain resources are quite good actually.

But public domain image not always good. I find all cc and public image. That app i made long time ago, when i think app free with ads is “free”. Have you see all site list cc image include adsense?

It is pretty simple: free app with advertisements is commercial. This is a business model, just like any other. If you might make the money with the application, it is commercial use. Even if nobody clicks your ads, and you earn nothing, it is still commercial use, cause you display ads with the purpose of earning the money. You can do with this information whatever you want.

There is plenty of public domain images or under CC Attribution license, where you just need to put the author’s name in credits section. Sure, not everyone wants to distribute their hard work (images, music etc) for free, especially if its a good resource, that cost them a lot of time and effort to create - they would like to get some revenue for it, just like you want to make some money with your app… Anyway, you have 3 options:

  1. Use resources free for commercial use
  2. Remove the ads and distribute the app for free (but well, if it promotes your company or website I think it will be still a commercial use)
  3. Continue to use your “free for commercial use” resources, which is obviously illegal and you might get banned