[Free] Dodgy Dingbat: tap-to-jump with a twist

Dodgy Dingbat is a game that tests your reactions time and your ability to make quick decisions. You are a Dingbat ( ‘bat for short) in a pipe full of spam. Using only the popular simple tap-to-jump control, can you navigate the increasing number of hazards coming your way?


What makes Dodgy Dingbat different than other tap-to-jump games, is that the spam obstacles are small, and there are many ways around them. This makes the game easier at first, but as more and more spam envelopes appear, the choices get harder and harder.


Scores are calculated based on how long you survive. There are four different game modes, each with their own challenging aspects:

Normal Mode
In normal mode, the only deadly obstacles are the spam envelopes coming at you. You can rest on the bottom, but you can’t hide for long before the spam finds you there too. You can touch the top too, but be careful, because you can bounce off of it unpredictably and land back in the spam zone.

Hot Pipe Mode
The same as normal mode, except you can’t touch the edges. They are as deadly as the spam!

High Speed Mode
Same as normal mode, except the spam is coming at you twice as fast!

Impossible Mode
This is the most difficult mode, and it combines all of the challenges of the other modes. No touching the pipe walls, high speed spam, and and once it starts, it never lets up. For expert dodgers only.