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[FREE] Dark Breakers: Armageddon

A cool new game Dark Breakers: Armageddon
★★★ Introducing Dark Breakers: Armageddon ★★★

In the not so distant future…
Society has collapsed and It was every man for himself.
Power grids went dark, Chaos and panic followed. Riots broke out, and raids took place resources became scarce, and people were fleeing the city in droves. This was it, Armageddon, and the fall of humanity.
You gathered up a few of your closest friends, some supplies and headed out to an isolated location deep in the woods where you can set up camp, create some defenses, and guard your base from any incoming invaders.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is only one rule in this land of lawlessness: There are NO RULES!
You must protect your base, defend your people at all costs. You must do whatever it takes to survive.
Are you a clever strategist who you build a defensive base so strong it will stop all incoming invaders dead in their tracks and prevent them from gaining access to your loot?
Will you be the one to protect your friends, and lead your people to victory?

Link to google play:

Requires Android: 2.3and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.