[FREE] Cosmic Cow

A cool new game Cosmic Cow
★★★ Introducing Cosmic Cow ★★★

Farmer Bob and his specially trained friends need your help! Alien invaders are attacking Earth and our last line of defense is Cosmo the Cosmic Cow and the other animals. Help save the farm and mankind by blasting away those pesky aliens!
Play with more than 30 different characters, each with its own special weapon and gadget combination. Take advantage of the ‘Upgrade Chest’ to purchase one-time extra items, gadgets and special weapons which will help in defeating the numerous waves of incoming enemies.
The game is all about survival so you will need to try your best in order to overcome the enemy threats. Check out this ultimate, action-packed arcade game where you will be the key in stopping the alien menace! How long can you survive?

Requires Android: 2.3and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

The cow is really cute and it would be great if you could post a gameplay here.

Yeah, we could only judge an app if its gameplay is posted.

Thanks Roger, let us wait until we get a good gameplay video.