[FREE] Catholic Alarm Clock

Hello every one,
I would like to present you my first app for Android :slight_smile:

Here you can download it :

Catholic Alarm Clock

It is a unique alarm clock with a Christian / Bible theme. The intuitive interface makes it easy and fast to set an alarm. Wake up to the sound of church bells or organs. You can select a photo that will appear during the wakeup.

Features :
-Wake up to the Catholic sounds or pick your own music, ringtone
-Unlimited number of alarms
-Simple and intuitive interface
-Add short description to alarm clock
-Use two convenient ways to set an alarm time : select time from time picker or simply touch the up or down buttons
-Customize your alarms from settings menu
-Choose repeat days for wake-up
-Select a wake up photo (catholic/bible theme)
-Dismiss (‘Swipe’ mode to dismiss or use simple button) or snooze alarm (configure snooze time)
-Helpful notifications, cancel alarm from notifications
-Increase sound alarm clock loudness
-Force sound through the speakers

I hope you like it. I will be grateful for feedback, your opinion about my application.