[FREE] BT Control & Monitor

[b]BT Control & Monitor[/b]

This application can be used to interact with your control board as it can send and receive data from Bluetooth Module (such as HC05,HC06,…)
You can use this application for control robots, monitor data and a lot of applications
Your can fabricate a control board to talk with our application using Bluetooth Protocol.
Controllers supported : different types of microcontrollers(such as PIC Microship,ATMEL AVR,…) , Arduino(UNO,Mega,…) , Raspberry PI,…

Using this application you can turn on and off three types of actuators: Light(ON/OFF) , Television(ON/OFF) and Fan(ON/OFF)
also you can dim light using PWM technique

in addition, you can send a simple sentence from your mobile to the control board and then use it to print on LCD
Using this application, Monitoring data also become easy as you can show Temperature on Mobile and Show Switches Status (Pressed or Released)