[FREE] Big messageon your screen. Typeshake

Not convenient to talk? You can show it!
Big text on your screen.

You can easily find it in Google Play: Typeshake


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Simple app shows large text on the screen. Shake your device and you would see animations for your phrase and background, spinning and falling objects. All these make this app much more interesting and useful.

Imagine situations:
a) Office. Silence. Write “DINNER?”, shake the phone and on the screen hot-dogs are falling down;
b) School. Help your friend with the right answer;
c) Bar. Show “2 MORE BEERS” - and no need to call your waiter;
g) Disco. Cute girl… And your imagination tells you the phrase to write;

Everyone has his own usage.

  • Handy color picker:
    allows to pick the text and background colors at the same time.

  • Text fills the screen.
    No scroll, No running text - all the text is on your screen.

  • Shake animations:
    are the main trick of this app. No other similar app has it.

  • Changeable fonts.

  • Landscape and portrait.

Just type your text, pick any shake effect you want, click on the screen to enter fullscreen mode. Shake it.

Hello ,

My name is Sefi and I am the Product Manager at Mobilda.com, the Mobile division of Mars Media Group.

It would be a pleasure to briefly explain great opportunities between us for mobile distribution and monetization.

Learn more about Mobilda by clicking on the links below:

 - Mobilda App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilda
 - Mobilda Media Kit: http://mobilda.com/marketing/Mobilda_App_v2.pdf

Looking forward to your timely response.