[FREE] BicDroid QM: a New-Generation Secure Messenger (review exchange)

Dear all,

We are so excited to publish our new app, BicDroid QM. It is a free secure messenger with a lot of fun features. Please download and try it. I bet you are going to like it :slight_smile:

LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.uwaterloo.camera

BicDroid QM

BicDroid QM provides Qmessage for secure and controlled messaging, Qphoto for secure and organized photo management, and Qnote for secure memo, all three in one.

qmessage10.jpg qphoto10.jpg qnote10.jpg

QMessage offers a new form of electronic communications having the best of secure instant multimedia messaging, face-to-face conversation, secure emails and secure group interaction, and allows you to engage your secret multimedia conversation with a group of people from any of your devices seamlessly.

QPhoto is a quarantined photo-taking system that not only strongly safeguards the taken photos, but also automatically manages them on your own devices so that you can see through them in an intuitive, organized, searchable, and 3D projected view.

QNote is a quarantined note-taking system that memorizes and strongly safeguards all of your secrets. Whatever you type is automatically encrypted on your own device using AES with random ephemeral keys (each 256 bits long), and synced through a third party cloud across of all your devices; it is readable only on your own devices.

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website: Bicdroid: home
email: [email protected]

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Thank you. 5* g+ from bill cheung

Thank you. 5* g+ from bill cheung

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Thank you. 5* g+ from bill cheung

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Done, my friend. 5* and G+1 from bill cheung.

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