[FREE] Baby Piano

Keep your baby entertained while learning sounds and music! Suitable for babies and children but anyone can have fun with this entertaining app!


  • Colorful 8-key piano with animated key notes
  • Switch to animal sounds and mimic the animal sounds
  • Switch to child voices and mimic the pronouncations of the key notes
  • 10 Lullabies to learn and play with: touch any key and make the song
  • 4 Modes of playing: freestyle with the regular piano sounds, animal sounds, child voices or play one of the 10 lullabies
  • 3 Recording slots: record the wonderful music your child creates and play it for family and friends. You can store up to 3 songs on your device.
  • Menu lock: avoid your child from tapping on the menu buttons by accident
  • Android menu lock: the android menu is hidden and locked to prevent your child from exiting the app.
  • No ads!