Making Money with Android

Free apps featured by Google?

Have you seen any free apps being featured on Google Play lately?

Looks like Google is only featuring paid or freemium apps because they have revenue share from each purchase.

Obviously the best way to monetize an app is through in app purchases but for developers in unsupported countries that is very difficult to do. So our only choice is through ads but that means we won’t get featured.

I think the same way, Google will only feature games that will make them earn some money. But that does not mean that it cannot be a game with ads. Afaik Wordhero has ads, but the game is multiplayer , so Google gets its money renting server space

“How to tie a tie” is free app, that got featured by google play.(At least in my country)
It doesn’t contain in-app purchase or multi-player.

Just simple instructions to tie a tie with ads at bottom.


Which version of that app and when was it featured? There are tens of such apps on google play.

This is that app.
It has more than 5 million downloads.

Yeah, I see it has been featured in Russia for the past several months. Maybe they forgot it there, hehe. :))

What about the other apps and games in Russia that are being featured? Are they totally free?

I am speaking from my own experience: Google decided to feature a jigsaw puzzle game 1-2 months ago that had a lot of in-app purchases. You couldn’t actually play the game properly without buying more images or unlocking difficulty levels. But google featured it. And they didn’t feature any of my puzzle games which are totally free, have over 400 free images, several difficulty levels and a lot, a lot more options than the one they featured.

That only makes me believe that they don’t feature the best games/apps but the ones that are most likely to get them more money.

Than why don’t you go same way by integrating lots of in-app purchases ? :smiley:

Unsupported country to create merchant account.

Bad luck …
By the way, which country ?

Romania …