[Free App] Universal Unit Converter: Would Like Feedback

Hi All,

I am a new developer and I have just completed my very first app: Universal Unit Converter. I would really and truly appreciate if you would take a couple minutes to provide me with honest feedback on my app.

My aim was to create a simple unit converter app aimed at students, professionals and casual users.
I know there are many unit converters on the Play Store and I would like to make my app the best it can be so that it stand out from the competition.

Your honest feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and are vital in helping me improve my app and create better apps in the future.

Thank you for your time and if you wish you may post a link to your app and I shall also take the time to test and review.


Unit Converter - calculator.jpg Unit Converter - categories.jpg Unit Converter - scientific constants.jpg Unit Converter - search.jpg Unit Converter - UI.jpg

I will review your app for some constructive criticism, just provide the link and I will be sure to review

Thanks for the feedback emails from those who took the time to provide suggestions on my app.

I have taken some of the feedback to come up with the latest app update.

Feel free to download and give it a spin. Let me know what you guys think.