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first of all, I am aware that there are hundreds of voice recording apps like this one out there and it is probably not in any way special. I started Android developing a few months ago and I’m making applications like this one purely to get experience and educate myself.

I made an app called “Simple Voice Recorder”. I was aiming to make an app that has by far the most simple, user-friendly interface a voice recording app could have. No confusing interface with too many buttons or confusing graphics. Just a straight-forward app with a record button and a listview with all recorded files (and obviously seekbar + play/pause button).

I haven’t yet tested it on many devices (different screen sized etc.) so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it didn’t work perfectly (or even crash) on some devices. I’d be very thankful if anyone that would try it would let me know if it worked good and which device + version of android you have :slight_smile:

Also, I’d appreciate some advice on publishing my app, improving it from any other experienced programmer. Thank you!

Worked great on my galaxy s3. It gets right to the point, I like it. The market is probably saturated with this kind of app though. Some advice on marketing, if your going to promote the app, promote it in the first 30 days of publishing to the play store. This is when you’ll get the most for your money or effort because it has a chance of listing in the top new sections which then give you more free exposure.

Thanks, that’s what I was aiming for, as simple as possible :slight_smile: Also, that’s a really good advice, I’ll stick to it. Thank you!

I have on question though, if you don’t mind. Do you know of any good websites for promoting apps? I’m only aware of this one and anddev at the moment.

Here’s a few review sites:

Download thousands of Android apps from the Google Play. - (They will review for free but takes 60 days to get your review, or you can pay for a review within a few days, I would at least request the free review).
AndroidTapp Android App Reviews, Android Apps, News, App Recommendations, Interviews
Android Police - Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets
Android Forums & Windows Phone Discussion @ xda-developers
This site has a pretty good list of them: Android review sites, the ultimate list to help market your app

In my experience the review sites don’t help much, unless you get promoted on one of the big ones, and they usually won’t unless they really like your app or find it unique. But it doesn’t hurt to send them a description of your app or request a review.

Also start a facebook page for your development company, even if your just an indie developer. And a twitter account.

If you have money to spend on your next app release to promote it, I would go with buying installs from Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market | You can buy installs for as little as $0.20 per install (non-incentivized installs). And you can pick which countries to get the installs (though limiting the countries will lessen the amount of installs you get per day, per amount you spend.) Basically you tell them what you want to pay (minimum $0.20) and they give you an amount of impressions per day, the more you pay per install the more you can get per day.

Wow thanks a lot! I appreciate the help very much :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ll be buying installs any soon since I’m still going to school and therefore I don’t have much money on my hands but hopefully I’ll get some promotion with the websites you gave me.

Your icon is the same as some very famous audio recorder apps:

Perhaps all 3 apps have the same author !!?? - publishing with different accounts.

In any case, second issue is your app is hard to find - precisely because you have such a commonly used name for your app.

Since some of the bigshots in that “name space” ALREADY have hogged that space - you as a small player are not going to be easy to find.

So while there maybe some benefit from “piggybacking” on a common/famous keyword set, you are also:

  • reducing the uniqueness value of your app as seen by users
  • making your app hard to find for people specifically looking for your app (Google Play will show them the most famous “simple audio recorder” apps first)

The second point means you are ruining the “sharing” potential of your app. If it is good, and someone recommends it to a friend - that friend will be UNABLE to find it by a simple search on Google Play (where your app will be embedded in 50th place EVEN when they search EXACTLY for the title as given to them by their friend).

So there is a tradeoff between choosing a common title to piggyback other apps’ famousness - but a negative also from being unable to share - because name is not unique enough.

A search for “simple voice recorder” on Google Play makes it really hard to find. However “whizz apps simple voice recorder” DOES return it as the top app - this means the OPTIMAL name for sharing between friends should be exactly this one - which means your title SHOULD be this (whatever makes your app findable at least).

You can easily change the title - Google allows that type of SEO/ASO (app store optimization) - and a change to a more unique name may help (at least with sharing).

Hope this helps.

@adforandroidapps, have you ever tried changing the title of app/game after publishing it. For me dev. console does allow it but then future updates to description weren’t allowed. May be Google has fixed this issue now. I saw this issue 2 months back.

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, I will try to come up with a better and unique name for my app :slight_smile:

and no, those apps with similiar icon aren’t mine, I know this will be impossible to believe but I wasn’t even trying to copy the icons. Before I published my app I was going through voice recording apps and I must have passively remembered the icon of these 2 apps :stuck_out_tongue: so while I thought I had a brilliant idea for a new icon, I accidently stole one. I’m already aware of that any working on a new icon :slight_smile:

Changing title should not be a problem - I have done many number of times without issue - sometimes changing to something and then back.

I have also changed the Recent Changes part a whole lot of times (BTW, Google says the Recent Changes text is NOT used for rankings).

The Description less often - but sometimes.

I was not aware there was some issue with this sometime back.

Taking your comment at face value - you MUST have a photographic memory !!

Because those icons are very like !

BTW it seems to be convention here that you can click on Like/Thanks button if you like a post (saves from having to respond with post).

Good luck !

Just updated the app :slight_smile: added new icon, the “microphone drawing” in the middle is still taken from google images so you might see it somewhere else also, but the design itself is mine :slight_smile: Also updated the app name

Also fixed some minor bugs and added a few functions.