Free App Reviews

Continuation of this post, since it is now long past November.

We realize a lot of app devs need to get the word out about their apps, and that reviews are a great way to do that. The problem is that a lot of review sites charge money, which many devs can’t afford. That is why we have created App Apes. A completely free app review website.

You can submit your Android Apps here: Submit an App For Free Review - App Apes

For a complete written review, we only require you follow us on Twitter. This helps us, as well as indie devs as a whole with getting new reviews noticed. If you don’t want to follow us, we will still add your app, just without a written review.

We have also made a helpful list of other app review websites. Separated into three categories. Free, Paid, and Hand-picked.

List of the Greatest App Review Websites - App Apes


We now also offer developers the ability to have their company added to our List of the Greatest Indie Game Developers.

It sounds great. I would like to try it

Great! Make sure to use the submit form on our site and we will check out your game. :slight_smile: