Free app promotion service created by a grumpy developer

Hi Everyone,

I’ve started a new service that helps users discover apps that are usually buried at the bottom of the app store. The service picks out 16 random apps and shows them to the user using an interactive fun game style interface. How can random discovery be better than the current system? Well what is your exposure on Google Play? Close to zero because large publishers have a monopoly. How about the search that never returns your own apps? App store discovery is abysmal, hence the reason I took the time and put the effort into creating the Free Games Bandit.

Feel free to add your free and paid apps. Please only add free apps to the free section and paid apps to the paid section.

You can see the service in action at Free Games bandit - Free free mobile games for iPhone, iPad and Android

I’m in the process of integrating the service into Facebook as an app and will also release an app version to the stores in the near future to help increase exposure of everyone’s apps.


What do u expect in return for this service

Nothing, its free. When the service becomes popular I will rent a couple of slots out to pay for the upkeep.

Can I place the link to your site in this free resources thread I have here

Sure that would be great thanks

Thanks! I added my app. Or the site said it did, didn’t really see anything happen.

Hi, I am interested in this. Can you place one of my apps into your site please? (the “add your apps” link in your site doesn’t seem to work)

Eyeglasses Swype:

TRUE Selector:


The site was undergoing maintenance, its now back up. I’ve added your two apps

Nice idea. Do you manually approve the entries? Never seen my entry but others >10 times.

idea is good to randomly put up apps for download ! but i hope u got enuf traffic on ur site . i’ll upload few of my apps up there :slight_smile:


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Hi, I have added my game Odd one Out, but cannot see on your website.