Free App promotion--Appemob

Hi, it’s our pleasure to introduce our platform – Appemob. As you know, app promotion is very difficult for developers, the price is so high compare to low ROI. But now, Appemob can help you promote your apps for Free. It means that you do not need spend money for app promotion and you can acquire real users for your apps very easily.

We Want You!
Appemob will start the Beta testing on April 11th. We want some developers to become the first batch of initial users.
Only two easy steps:

  1. Register Now:
    a. Enter the official
    b. Click ‘JOIN NOW’ button.
    c. Fill related informations.
    d. Click ‘Start Now’ button.
    e. Finished.
    After registration, our publisher manager will contact you ASAP.
  2. Integrate the SDK from April 11th to 25th, get 10 points for free and start to promote your apps!
    Notice: The 10 free points are only valid during the Beta testing, the system will clear the free points after April 25.


  1. Sign up
    You will receive the confirm email and you will get the SDK.
  2. Add your apps
    Add your apps to the platform(Only support Android apps yet) and integrate the SDK.
  3. Make installs
    The users will click on the ads in the SDK and then install the promoted apps, You will get points according to the geos of the users.
  4. Get your apps installed!
    You can use the points to get free installs!
    For example:If you help your partner get an install in the Brazil, then you will get 2 points(If you have any questions about points, contact us) as reward and use these points to get installs by geos for yourself.

:DJoin us now! We would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give us some options and suggestions.
Contact us:[email protected]