[Free App] Mood Scanner


Mood Scanner is an entertaining app which tries to detect your mood via your mobile device’s touch screen.
It acts as a mood sensor similar to mood rings.
Just place your thumb on the finger sensor and let the mood detector analyze your feelings.
Use Mood Scanner to test your friend’s, family member’s or someone else’s feelings.
Compare their mood with your own and find out who is in a better or worse mood and share via Facebook and Twitter.
Scan your thumb print to see how you are currently feeling!
Place your thumb in the scanning area, wait for the scan and analysis to complete, and see what your current mood is!
This app does not actually scan your finger print since that is not possible, but it does a GREAT job fooling anyone!

  • Great joke or prank app - Can fool anyone!
  • Looks very realistic and convincing!
  • Even includes progress bars for analyzing and processing!
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface and design!
  • Use it again and again! The accuracy of the mood detection might surprise you!