[Free app] Lie detector, Whether you are telling truth or lie this app will detect.

Lie detector is funny app to fool your friends or family. This
detector was made only for joke purposes! It’s fake lie detector.
This lie detector remains the truth no longer be hidden!
In a lie unconsciously changed the blood pressure, the heart is shattered and the respondent begins to sweat easily.
The lie detector measures with help of the latest algorithms these telltale characteristics and processes them quickly to a clear conclusion.
Expose every little lie!
Simply ask the person’s thumb on the fingerprint set and learn the truth.
“Finger Lie Detector” is a perfect app to make a joke of your friends. It pretends to be a Polygraph and tells if your friend is telling the truth or is lying. It can display “TRUE” or “FALSE” after your friend puts his finger on scanning pad. You are able to choose which result will be displayed, but your friends will not know about it.
Hold your thumb in the touch panel until the scan finish.
When the scan begins, a x-ray will scan your fingerprint to detect a lie.
If you lift your finger from the touch panel, the scan will abort.
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Features Include:

  • Realistic looking scan tray and scan bar
  • Force feedback vibration, you can really feel the finger scan
  • Scan speed adjustments for perfect precision
  • Custom response options for playing pranks on your friends
  • In-app sharing options to share the detection fun with your pals on Google Plus or Facebook!
  • Prank your neighbors into thinking your phone can detect lies!
  • Play jokes on your friends and family!
  • Get the girl! Chicks dig dudes with mobile polygraph machines in their pockets.

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