[FREE][APP] Help me to promote my app

Hi everyone, please help me to install, review,
and I would be happy if you help to promote my app

My app called QR Code Scanner and Generator

Download on Google Play

Thank you very much, have a nice day ! :smiley:

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There are many ways to promote your app, including free promotion and paid promotion:
Free promotion:

b social media[/b]: you can advertise your app on the social media, like Facebook, Instagram. Adding some friends of app developer to share experience and idea with them. of course, you can reply the post in some relevant forum to advertise your app, but don’t forget put your app link in your reply.

b content marking[/b]: you can writing blogs and essays to introduce your app clearly, including the function, classification,etc.

b cross promotion[/b]: if you have published more app that have received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, and the potential audiences will become the precious resources for your new app.

b special website[/b]: you can put your on some special websites, like classified cites and review cites. The audience may install your app when they browsing these websites.

Paid promotion:

b advertising:[/b]
inviting some popular stars and bloggers to advertise your app
put the advertisement in the google play directly

b app store optimization[/b]
[b]buy keywords search installs[/b]: the quality of keywords affect the installs of your app.However, optimizing the keywords is a tough task, so it is necessary to find some professional people or website to help you.
[b]buy some good ratings and positive reviews[/b]: 4/5 star ratings and positive reviews is an important factor to affect the installs of your app, 65% people will choose the app that have more positive reviews when they search some similar app.
Wish these methods will help you.

You know, that’s complex process to promote your App. You can parallelly do 1) social media promotion (informing users about advantages of your App) and 2) promotion in Google Play.
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