[free][app] folk on the street !

Hey Guys!
I have posted a thread about my latest mobile app called Crazy Foxes :slight_smile:
This time I would like you to check out my next mobile app designed to make my region famous :wink:
So get ready for some Folk On The Street!!!
Learn to control the Clockwork Rooster and experience the genuine Podlachian folklore (you are probably wondering what the heck is “Podlachian” ? Podlasie is a beautiful region in Eastern Poland)
But more about the game:

  • Dash through the Polish neighbourhoods!
  • Jump or fly to forge obstacles!
  • Unlock yummy achievements!
  • Don’t forget to collect oil drops to keep your machine going!
  • Beware of psychedelic bosses! Defeat them to level up!
  • Exchange oil drops and cold herrings to get some folky power- ups!

Are you fond of Slavic People? Can’t come to Poland? Poland will come to YOU :slight_smile:
This great, fast arcade game was made for you! If you like run through temple,surfers dashing in a subway or fighting piggies with birds you will love it! You won’t get mad or angry! This game is sooooo sweet and super cool!

-> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.folkonthestreet&hl=en <-


hey guys, anyone still interested in taking a look at this app? it would mean world to me !
thank you