[Free App] Find yr TOP 10 facebook stat represent in nice clean demographic

Hi, I have developed application to collect your and your friend facebook statistic represent with nice clean infographics please review.
App Desciption
Top 10 analyse your social interactions and finds your best friend, your most like photo, friends who always miss you, and so on.
You can look back at the interactions you’ve had with your friends by clicking the photo, and also can share with your friends.
Let’s enjoy finding your Top 10
Currently we provided 14 charts of your

  1. Your Best Friends
  2. Your Fan Club
  3. Your Talkative Friends
  4. Always missing You
  5. Your Celeb
  6. Popular Photo of you
  7. Forever popular Photo of yoi
  8. Most liked Photo
  9. Forever Most liked Photo
  10. Your Favorite Place
  11. Hot Photo of you
  12. Forever Hot Photo of you
  13. Most Talk about Photo
  14. Forever Talk about Photo
  15. Always with You

and 13 Friend’s chart (just tab on your friend photo)

  1. Your friend’s Best Friend
  2. Your friend’s Fan Club
  3. Your friend’s Talkative Friends
  4. Always Missing your friend
  5. Popular Photo of your friend
  6. Forever popular Photo of your friend
  7. Your friend’s Most liked Photo
  8. Your friend’s Forever Most liked Photo
  9. Your friend’s Favorite Place
  10. Hot Photo of your friend
  11. Forever Hot Photo of your friend
  12. Your friend’s Most Talk about Photo
  13. Your friend’s Forever Talk about Photo
  14. Always with your friend