[FREE][APP] EZPaperz. Easy Papers' PDF syncing between Android and Dropbox


Download link on Google Play Store : http://goo.gl/KCRtUs
Download link on Amazon App-Shop: Amazon.com: EZPaperz. Easy Papers’ PDF syncing between Android and Dropbox: Appstore for Android

EZPaperz (pronounced “easy papers”) is the first third-part client on Android for synchronizing, sorting and downloading articles that are managed with Papers, the famous reference management software from Mekentosj B.V. (now part of Springer).
EZPaperz app is now compatible with Papers 2. Before trying to set it up, please make sure that you copied your Papers 2 library using the Mekentosj’s protocol available here: Using the same Papers2 library across multiple Macs / Getting Started with Papers2 / Knowledge Base - Papersapp Support
*** Free features :

  • Easy sync of your papers’ library with Dropbox
  • Easy listing of papers / books and displaying their main information (title, authors, publisher, year published).
  • Easy download of the pdf of the paper when available
  • Easy search within references.
    *** Extra features:
  • Sorting options
  • Search filter for papers, authors and collections
  • Author’s tab
  • Collection’s tab
    *** Future updates :
  • Bookmark’s tab with flags, color labels, favorite articles and keywords
  • Customizable settings
  • Lab’s tab : experimenting new cool features.
  • Broader Cloud compatibility
    More information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Privacy Policy on EZPaperz by EZBio.net (Yohan Farouz)
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