[FREE] [APP] BonBon - my new dating app

Android: Google Play

Main goal? Connect with new people.

Dating has never been easier. BonBon is a free dating app that will aid you in your search for a new love, or simply discover new friends with matching interests. Ignite the spark by flirting to find a meaningful experience or simply have fun.

What is this app?

BonBon is a new dating app, that doesn’t restrict you in your quest for flirting, friendship or simply bond with other people.

How does it work?

You go trough a simple process of registering, either via Facebook(the preferred method) or a standard registration process(which will require you to confirm your email before you can use the app).

After it gets your location it will be able to find the best matches, according to your preferences(maximum distance, age range and gender). In order to do that you need to enable and allow it to access your location(via GPS).

After that you just swipe(left for No, right for Yes), or use the provided buttons below the profile.

If you and the other person like each other you’ll get a notification in the status bar and them be able to talk.

How do we connect, if we both like each other?

You start by sending the other person a message and start chatting. It’s as simple as that.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing, the app is free to use. If there are new people with your preferences BonBon will show them to you and, if both of you like each other, you will be able to chat. The only time you might pay(if you’d choose to) is so that you can disable the ads, which help us develop the app, and make a living :slight_smile: .

I have tried you application and it’s pretty nice. However, you have a lot of thing to improve there. At first, you need to promote it because there are definitely not enough people. It has a potential, but it’s not ready yet. I still prefer to use my old dating app www.mobilesms.io, I have found a lot of girls there and I really like it very much.

What is up with this app?