[Free][App] Android Alarm Clock Linked To Your Facebook - A New Way To Wake You Up

Facebook-linked Alarm Clock – “I Will Wake Up!”
Getting Out of Bed Is No Longer Something Personal

Have we just found a new (and fun) way to wake you up?

Indeed, because no one else before us would imagine how Facebook can be involved in waking a person up… No one else before us is integrating a psychological factor, the “social pressure”, into an alarm clock application.

How Is This App Different?

When we designed our alarm clock app, we wanted to have what others already have.

  • The normal alarm function to ring on time – checked.
  • The phone ringing at top of the volume (you just have to deal with it) – checked.
  • Mathematic questions to answer when dismissing it – checked.

We asked ourselves, “What else can we do?”
A genius in our team thought of adding some psychological approach to spice things up.
The same genius thought of “social pressure”.
And the same genius thought of using Facebook to instil the “social pressure”.

So here it is! The innovative, effective and fun “I Will Wake Up!” alarm clock app.

Install “I Will Wake Up!” Alarm Clock: http://midnight-troop.com/iwillwakeup/app

How Does This App Works?

When you set an alarm, besides the wake-up time, you will also be asked to enter a solid reason why you want to wake up, and – as a promise – what happens if you fail to wake up (optional), and the help you need to get our of bed (optional).

And then you will post all this information to Facebook, to announce your determination to arise on time.

When the alarm rings, you needs to prove to the app that you are awake.

Whether you successfully do so or fail, the app will post your “challenge outcome” to Facebook.

Succeed the challenge, you win yourself time to be proud of yourself, and be free to show it off to your friends; But failed, be ready to face embarrassment.

Don’t you think this is a good motivation to get you out of bed?

Why Do We Think This App Will Help You Arise?

Most likely your friends are waiting to see you fail the challenge (Yes, they are evil). Knowing this, don’t you think you will do EVERYTHING to jump out from bed – to avoid the embarrassment?

This is the “Social Pressure” we talked about, and are using to help you wake up. It works, really.

Download this innovative, fun and unique alarm clock app now.

Why Do You Want This App?

Maybe a conventional alarm clock bores you. Maybe it’s no longer powerful enough to wake you up. Maybe you just want to make waking up a fun thing to do.

Use this app to help yourself to arise. You can also lead your friends to set up their wake-up challenges. Make them promise to buy you ice-creams if they fail – and enjoy winning ice-creams!

Get your “I Will Wake Up!” Android Alarm Clock – it’s still FREE of charge!

I should have posted this earlier… But it’s never too late I guess.

This is the QR code for easier access to the Google Play page of the app:

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