[FREE] [APP][4.1+] FlexNote - your notebook!

Hi :wink:
I’m proud to present my new android app: FlexNote

FlexNote was created for people who want a quick and easy way to organize your thoughts by writing them to a notebook. Thanks to FlexNote you can note holiday plans, birthdays, song titles, and many other valuable information.

Main features:

  • Create and manage notes
  • Organize your notes in various notebooks
  • Add attachments to notes
  • Change the colors of notes to suit your needs and preferences
  • Create backups and download them from DropBox cloud
  • Enjoy the availability of notes on multiple devices
  • Export all your notes with attachments to a file
  • Search and display a list of notes according to established criteria
  • Take pictures of documents, places etc
  • Secure access to application with a password
  • Add audio and video or other content to notes.