[Free Action Game] MonBang

Hi all.
Have you ever heard of “MonBang”?
Monsters + Bang(crashing sound) = MonBang!! (compound)

Monbang is a “crashing” action game, where the protagonist fights with monsters using simple and intuitive ways such as tap and swipe.

Action game?? Virtual Pad?? In Monbang, without using a virtual pad, anyone can have easy and fast-paced control using tap and swipe.

Free Download on Google Play:


screenshot_00.jpg screenshot_01_eng.jpg
screenshot_02_eng.jpg screenshot_03_eng.jpg

Rated 5* + comment “Woow awsome game”

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Thank you.
I rate your game.(k dm - “Awesome - cool.” / 5 stars)
But I’m not sure you can see my reply.
Because my account is Korean.

i can see all reviews from developer console :slight_smile:

Do you see my rate?
I can’t see your rate. Could you check it?
Thanks :slight_smile: