[FREE][4.0.3+] Baller, interactive puzzle game

Hello everyone!
So yesterday me and my friend released a game we’ve been working for a month on, this game is not something you’d usually work on for a month (a bit more actually) but considering me and him are new to game development and unity (we both are web devs) this seems to be a good result, we both would like to hear some feedback and if you liked it then go ahead and give us 5 stars :wink: but any constructive criticism is most welcome, we both know this game is rough on the edges with its level design, but we are working on it, lack of experience is a lack of experience after all.

Here is the game itself: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PollutionGames.Baller

As we are new to the whole google play and app development thing, we would like to know what else is there to know in this whole thing, for example, what do we do next? How do we promote it more? How do we get more people involved in this game and how do we increase a revenue? Should we publish for iOS? I’ve been looking around the web and people seem to never mention how to get more people playing, we do promote it around our friends and acquaintances but there can be so many friends, so here i am, asking you, experienced and not so much developers of this community, what should we do?