Forced Update To Play Services Admob NIGHTMARE

Has anybody else successfully integrated the new admob through play services? You can’t update ADT (required) because of a “packaging bug” with proguard, so I downloaded the newest ADT bundle version of eclipse and that doesn’t even work. I have followed the simple instructions as per and , but the included admob sample itself crashes with a NoClassDefFoundError:??? GP won’t accept new or updated apps with the standalone admob jar as of the 1st, you can’t update ADT, and the app crashes when you try to display any type of ad when compiled with the Eclipse/ADT bundle…lol…What’s the solution, am I missing something here? I know I implemented this correctly, I’m about to tear my hair out.:confused:

interstitial = new InterstitialAd(this);

works fine^^

As soon as you call…

AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build();

Crashola…Even the included sample.^^

There always seems to be issues with ADT updating and it nearly always coincides with a needed change on the developer end!
I haven’t made the changes to any apps with Admob yet, might try tonight and report back if I have any issues.

I made the changes one month ago. I didn’t have any problem.
Can you show the stacktrace of the crash?

That ProGuard packaging issue has long been resolved AFAIK. You may have to uninstall older versions of the ADT plugin in Eclipse manually, but that’s it.

Thanks Skurry, you gave me the crucial piece of information that I needed. I didn’t think to uninstall the old versions of ADT manually, nor did I think that I needed to. Now I can release my game, you’re awesome. Worked like a charm…