For those who updated to new admob recently

Missing few favourite settings of old admob in new admob.

Red Graph view of revenue stats

Earnings against induvidual ad units

are they available in new admob?
if yes, share the byte please.

Click “Monetise” from the top menu. You can add “ad unit” as a dimension and see performance against each ad unit in the table under the graph. What you can’t do, at least not easily afaik, is see all ad units on the graph.

Is there any change in the revenue with new admob ad-units change?

I replaced legacy ad-units with new ad-units for 3 apps yesterday. Did not notice any change in the revenue.
Shall i integrate the latest admob SDK as well to get the benefit?

payout day was 16th of every month in old admob.

any idea when i will get paid for june month in new admob?

I personally experienced a flattening of the daily revenues … there was more movement with legacy admob. With new admob it seems to be much more regular. I don’t know why this is, could also be, that all the updates and changed ad units may have influenced that.

But normally I had 3 much better days (weekend) and some much lower days (monday, i.e). I don’t see those hills any more in the stats. For whatever reason it is more steady. Not sure if this is good or bad.

Question - do any of you know if we have to update our financial details again, with this update?

Its better to verify again. its said that new adsense accounts is missing wire transfer option.

in that case you have to put self hold to get wire transfer if u r in india.

again. when is the payout day for new admob?

I upgraded my account on 10th may, 2014 and received my old payment from legacy account as regular schedule.

SO for may month I have some revenue in my legacy admob and I got mail yesterday for wire payment of may month of my legacy account.

But after 10th may revenue generated in new admob but in account settings -> Payment tab -> Transaction history, I can’t find my earnings of rest 20 days of may. I can see earning of June month.

I can see earnings of may month in home tab but not in payment tab. So did I get earning of those 20 days.

If anyone having same issue then reple or PM me.

I have the same issue. If I go to Monetize tab and select Alltime, it is showing revenues from May 8. But In Transaction history it shows only revenue from June 1. I am thinking about mailing Admob about this. Please let me know if it is possible to see my May revenues through some alternative ways.

One of my friend got his earning of may in his june transaction but I am still waiting for it :frowning:

Did you mail admob about that ?

I was able to find it. Log into adsense account and go to Payments screen. You can click on the Previous Payments button in that screen to see your payments for May. It shows that they have issued payment of June 25th but I am yet to receive check.