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If you are “linspired” by the Jeremy Lin story, we have an app just for you. Jeremy Lin has made watching the Knicks play, for basketball fans and non-fans alike, an exciting part of our lives. Here is an app that will allow you to keep up with the latest and greatest from the Linsanity. In fact, it is the best app out there that actually gives you live real-time Jeremy Lin stats and scores from the Knicks games. Now, you can follow him anywhere and anytime. Download the app on Android Market today!


Need a cure for the LinSanity? Get up to date with Jeremy Lin “???” whenever and wherever you are! This app provides real-time updates of Jeremy Lin’s current game (score, points, assists, etc), time and channel for next game, New York Knick’s full schedule, latest Twitter feed, news feed, YouTube video links and more!
? Jeremy Lin’s current game real-time updates (score, points, assists, etc)
? New York Knicks time and channel for the next game
? Full game schedule for the New York Knicks
? Twitter Feed of Jeremy Lin tweets
? Videos of Jeremy Lin on YouTube
? News feed about Jeremy Lin

If you are “linsane” about Jeremy Lin, you must download this app today!

Please post any recommendations you would like to see on the app and we will try our best to implement the updates.
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Interesting aggregation app. I actually hadn’t heard of Jeremy Lin before, but looks like he’s got quite a following! Hope this app does well. You’ve done a great job of pulling together various bits of data & bringing them into a unified interface.

Thanks for checking it out David! We still need to fix some bugs, but people seem to like the real time stats in this app.

I’m not a basketball fan, but thanks for clearing up what Linsanity is! I had seen it used elsewhere and everyone seems to make the assumption that it’s obvious - let’s just say that he’s not a household name in the UK …

That makes sense. Yeah Jeremy Lin (Linsanity) was very big in February in the US and Asia. He’s still doing well right now, but the idea of “Linsanity” is not as big as it was then. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for checking it out!