Flurry / Yahoo Bullshit

I had some complaints from users. Luckily, they were showing these ads everywhere, so I saw them on my device.

NOW… bear in mind that this is a BANNER advert requested via Mopub and a Custom Banner adapter to talk to the Flurry SDK.

If the user clicks the BACK button, then they see this screen:

Greeeeaaaat… GOOD JOB asshats!

Device logs:

07-08 22:06:26.907: D/MoPub(29341): Facebook banner ad failed to load.
07-08 22:06:26.907: V/MoPub(29341): MoPubErrorCode: Unspecified error.
07-08 22:06:26.908: D/MoPub(29341): Loading failover url: http://ads.mopub.com/m/ad?v=6&id= [snipped]
07-08 22:06:26.908: D/MoPub(29341): Loading url: http://ads.mopub.com/m/ad?v=6&id= [snipped]
07-08 22:06:27.423: D/MoPub(29341): Failed to retrieve GPS location: access appears to be disabled.
07-08 22:06:27.439: I/MoPub(29341): Performing custom event.
07-08 22:06:27.439: I/com.mopub(29341): Performing custom event.
07-08 22:06:27.440: D/MoPub(29341): Loading custom event adapter.
07-08 22:06:27.440: D/MoPub(29341): Attempting to invoke custom event: com.mopub.mobileads.FlurryCustomEventBanner
07-08 22:06:27.444: D/FlurryCustomEventBanner(29341): fetch Flurry Ad (WordHero 320x50) – android.widget.FrameLayout{536e861 V.E… …I. 0,0-0,0}
07-08 22:06:28.636: D/FlurryCustomEventBanner$FlurryMopubBannerListener(29341): onFetched([email protected])
07-08 22:06:28.715: W/art(29341): Attempt to remove local handle scope entry from IRT, ignoring
07-08 22:06:28.717: W/AwContents(29341): onDetachedFromWindow called when already detached. Ignoring
07-08 22:06:28.750: D/FlurryCustomEventBanner$FlurryMopubBannerListener(29341): onRendered(com.flurry[email protected])
07-08 22:06:28.750: D/MoPub(29341): adLoaded
07-08 22:06:28.750: D/MoPub(29341): Tracking impression for native adapter.
07-08 22:06:28.759: W/BindingManager(29341): Cannot call determinedVisibility() - never saw a connection for the pid: 29341
07-08 22:06:28.839: D/MoPub(29341): Successfully hit tracking endpoint: http://ads.mopub.com/m/imp?appid=&cid= [snipped]
07-08 22:06:29.674: D/FlurryCustomEventBanner$FlurryMopubBannerListener(29341): onClicked [email protected]
07-08 22:06:29.694: I/ActivityManager(849): START u0 {cmp=com.rhs.wordhero/com.flurry.android.FlurryFullscreenTakeoverActivity (has extras)} from uid 10193 on display 0
07-08 22:06:29.706: V/WindowManager(849): addAppToken: AppWindowToken{3c7443c5 token=Token{2fe93a3c ActivityRecord{194cb42f u0 com.rhs.wordhero/com.flurry.android.FlurryFullscreenTakeoverActivity t9425}}} to stack=1 task=9425 at 1
07-08 22:06:29.801: W/art(29341): Attempt to remove local handle scope entry from IRT, ignoring
07-08 22:06:29.806: W/AwContents(29341): onDetachedFromWindow called when already detached. Ignoring
07-08 22:06:29.863: V/WindowManager(849): Adding window Window{3cfa644b u0 com.rhs.wordhero/com.flurry.android.FlurryFullscreenTakeoverActivity} at 9 of 15 (after Window{2713fd3f u0 com.rhs.wordhero/com.rhs.wordhero.Activities.Activity_GameScreen})
07-08 22:06:29.867: D/MoPub(29341): Successfully hit tracking endpoint: http://ads.mopub.com/m/aclk?appid=&cid= [snipped]
07-08 22:06:29.868: D/FlurryCustomEventBanner$FlurryMopubBannerListener(29341): onShowFullscreen([email protected])
07-08 22:06:29.868: D/MoPub(29341): Refresh disabled for ad unit ( [snipped] ).
07-08 22:06:30.073: I/Keyboard.Facilitator(14143): onFinishInput()

If someone from Flurry/Yahoo could explain to me why a banner is even allowed to produce a full-screen takeover advert … AND … THE SDK THEN HONORS THAT REQUEST… I would be happy to personally ream that person a new one.


wtf dirty thx for info