Flurry, app rejected, advertisements are inconsistent with the app's content rating


is anyone using Flurry? My app was just rejected because the advertisements are inconsistent with the app’s content rating.

Does anyone know how I should fill in the content questionary on the developer console or which advertisement categories I have to block at which maturity level on the Flurry website?

There is also an Illegal content categorie which I can block, why is Flurry serving illegal ads and why are they not disabled by default?

When I only block the illegal categorie, should that be enough?


What is the content rating of your Application?
If it’s 3+ then you have to block Dating, Gambling ads for sure. I don’t know which categories there are on Flurry…
Btw, when your app was rejected did you already blocked the Illegal category?

I think I read some bad stories about Flurry here… you may want to change them if you have the possibility.

Flurry is Yahoo… I caught them serving auto-clicking banners which launched full-screen ads a few weeks ago.

They basically signed up a bunch of other networks as DSP’s and have no clue what goes through their network. Beware…

On the upside, they respond quickly.

Really, they respond quickly? Some time ago I asked a question and never got any answer.