Flaky Google Developer Console - no reviews/comments showing

Today saw something I’ve never seen before - Google Developer Console an hour ago was working ok, but checking “Ratings & Reviews” now showing:

“Your application does not have any reviews yet.”

And no reviews/comments are showing - though ratings histogram/graph does still appear with correct rating etc.

Maybe will be corrected shortly - but is the first time I am seeing such behavior.

EDIT: Given the reputation Google is gaining as a developer-unfriendly company - with nary a forum or place of contact (I don’t know off the top of my head who/where/how I would contact Google if I had a problem) - this type of behavior inevitably sends chills down one’s spine.

30 minutes or so later, now one review/comment only from July 2013.

EDIT: now the play.google.com website ALSO has lost the review/comments - showing only two.
EDIT: 10 min later - now the play.google.com ones are back (still not appearing on Google Developer Console)
EDIT: 5 min later - ok, now comments are back on Google Developer Console

Conclusion: some routine maintenance (but it is app-specific - my other app was not affected) - or is because Google does this stuff in batches or something.

They are doing a lot of changes off late. My guess is they are changing the system in line with the kitkat release and patches are being updated.