First Win8 Phone comes from Samsung

…which is suprising - I was sure, Nokie would bring the first Windows 8 Phone

I am interested in the Future of Windows 8 Phones because mainly I am a Windows Developer and MS has the better technique behind the Scenes (to be honest) … Samsung seems to be optimistic about Windows 8 else they would not launch a Windows 8 Phone.

While that is not truely Android Related it could have an influence on Android as well… I know many people decided against Android to buy a Windows Phone … some of them was not satisfied with it … but in the end (when talking with them why that is) they wouldn’t have been satisfied with android neither in the price range they bought.

Looking forward what will happen with Windows 8

Yes, I’m a little conflicted about Windows Phone. On the one hand, I’m fed up with Microsoft’s outdated business practices & direction as a company. On the other hand, Windows Phone seems pretty different compared with their other products. And if it gets a substantial number of users, could be a worthwhile second platform after Android.

But I don’t think Samsung is making these phones because they’re excited about Windows 8. It’s probably more due to the fact that Microsoft forced them to pay royalties on Android.

Behind the scenes there is much more cooperation that we all might think … Samsung will win in either way, no matter which phone OS will be the king … pretty sure, Android will lead the Tops in the future too, it is more the question what will happen with the other big makers … I certainly would not bet on apple … they can just rely on old things (which they think they have invented) but cannot compete with the others in no way

For Samsung its an easy choice - “why not?”.
For me - I’m conflicted like david but I on the other hand don’t like the interface of Windows Phone, so I just hope it won’t be a success, so I don’t have to support it. :wink: More important is Windows 8 which will definitely be on many, many devices soon (although I really don’t get the new interface).

Do not underestimate the fact, that apps for windows 8 will also run on desktops … that’s really a massive opportunity, which (as far as I know) not even apple is able to.

Pretty sure (because of .Net) this will also be true for Win7 … all that said does only count IF microsoft does not mess it up … there are many bad news about it recently … which can make the giant fall