First income report

I’m a 20 year old developer that as got into programation two years ago and decided I wanted to make android games, and I just published my first game , and with it my first income report.
Please share your thoughts on both my game and first income report.
Check my game —>
Check my income report #0—>Gamelet

It seems like an expense report not income.
Mine is pretty much like yours :slight_smile: $10 income so far…

Your app description is only 2 lines, I suggest you do some ASO: MyAppResources: App Store Optimization: ASO tools for higher app store ranking

hey Champ Congratulation… you must be feeling very proud on getting your first ever game published. And the second big achievement is that earning. Right now, its not the right time to keep worries about the magnitude of returns or income. In fact, important thing is to prevent yourself from getting losses. One of the forum attendees has raised a really important concern about that inadequate description. Try to improve it by adding some more words. However keep in mind its not all about the quantity. Quality is also a very important factor and it should have to be given with the due respect … by the way nice effort and wish all the very best for your upcoming endav0urs