first app income report (feedback appreciated)

I published my first app 3 weeks ago, and used admob. all of my users are from middle east.

stats for last week
average daily install: 31
average daily uninstall: 12
current installs: 164


i am using banners and interstitials

any feedback on how i could improve my stats ? thanks

What kind of app is it? It is hard to say what you might have to improve on if we do not know what you made. You obviously need more installs per day, but why you’re not getting that many can be because of multiple reasons. A bad icon (experienced this myself a week ago) for example can really discourage people from installing your app.

thanks Proxzor, this is the

The first thing I already notice is that you do not have any translations whatsoever. I think this is arabic? It is quite hard to understand what your app is about if you are from a different country. You want to widen your market and have translations available for any of the available languages. A simple copy paste from google translate really helps a lot! :slight_smile: If you do this you will probably see your amount of installs boost up already.

I would recommend you to change icon it’s unprofessional and might discourage people to download it!

thanks Woody, i will work on that for my next update.

A simple copy-paste from google translate is not correct all the times. it gives completly opposite meaning sometime when you convert it back to original language.
It is very tedious and time taking for few specific words to convert.

Yeah @gcc is right! Be careful with Google Translate sometime it can give you really bad words!