First 100 Developers Keep 100% Revenue up to $1000 & Get Higher Payouts

Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know about our Grand Slam promotion.

From now through March 15, 2014 the first 100 developers to sign up for Offercast Mobile’s beta testing program are eligible to keep 100 percent of revenues earned through December 2014, up to $1,000. These developers will also earn higher payouts than our standard offering.

Payouts for the Grand Slam promotion include:

• Homepage updates in the U.S.: $0.05 for each successful update
• Homepage updates outside of the U.S.: $0.03 for each successful update
• Revenue share model based on each verified app installation: 100 percent revenue up to $1,000; 70 percent revenue share after reaching the $1,000 mark

The Grand Slam promotion is only open to developers in the United States. For all Terms and Conditions, please visit:

Hurry, it’s a limited time offer!

What is your payment schedule?

We pay within forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar month.

That sucks.

Good luck with that net 45 payment terms

45 days :wink: you possible live in other reallity . Good luck. Welcome when you have 15 EOM .

people here are dying for weeklies and the offer is for net45…

Oh c’mon, people are having REAL day-jobs and they want to get their salary ASAP, but here, with literally a virtual job with such a huge amount of risk(bans, unfair competition, no insurance…) and you’re offering Net45. Before building/starting a company you should really first investigate what developers are looking for.

I’m sure that your advertisers pay you on-time and upfront. The networks are just holding the money or using it for their own needs until the Net30-Net45 comes. Nice business, but it won’t last forever though, you should consider what developers want as well.

I didn’t read the TOS but if they have the same crap as apporium or whatever their name is " No revenue will be paid if your apps get banned on Google Play" - even better, i’m switching right away

Hi Everyone

Really appreciate the feedback. If the payment terms are what’s holding you back from checking us out, that’s great to know. I can take your comments back to management and try to get them changed. Don’t know how much quicker we can get them out, but would love to know what you think would be acceptable.

Thanks everyone!

Offer weekly payments for higher earnings.

Try and keep it net30 or less.

AppNext is net10.
mobileCore pay weekly for $200 and otherwise payout once $200 has been reached.
Admob is net30, but usually is closer to net20-25.
StartApp is net30 (come on StartApp! :wink: )
AppFlood payout on request once something like $100 is reached.
AppBrain is net0.
AirPush offer weeklies for $200+, otherwise net30.
SendDroid offer weeklies for $100+, otherwise net30.

These are some of the bigger players in today’s mobile ad industry. Take a look at those payment terms.
If you want developers to use your network, you need to adapt terms like those companies.
Of course that’s not the only thing, but it is important.

Why not net90

Thanks for the feedback everyone. In terms of our promotion, how do you feel the payouts are?

why is the offer for US developers only? ,
I Don’t think there are much thought ,
Or Obama would’t came out and asked the American Youth to start learn SW development
And yes for me , net30 is the maximum accepted

We are currently working on opening our platform to developers outside the US and are planning a similar promotion when that happens.

I just signed up please approve my account, Im ready to get started here

Hi All

Just wanted to follow up on our promotion. How do you feel the payouts are?

hard to find out whether it is good or not, when it is only for US developers…

Looks like the payment in the web are far below than the announcement

Payout Rates*
App Wall Exit Wall Banner Ad Search Homepage
Revenue Share: 60% Revenue Share: 60% Revenue Share: 60% Bounty US: $0.03 USD & INT’L: $0.01 USD

Hope they can explain

I am getting this same thing in my Console. I already made $2.20 on 2 new apps I made on my first day, the interstitial ad does not have an x button so not google compliant so I use the exit ad for launch and exit. They only do search for whatever phones that meet their quiteria, I had like 400 downloads and only 10 EULA sent out to opt-in to search. So they must be strict on their quiteria