Finding a reputable, successful marketing person/company?

In my entire life I’ve never had any reason to deal with marketing agencies/people, but now I’m thinking about it. Long story short, my CafePress shops used to bring me 4-figures a month in commission, then CP changed their commission model and it literally dropped to TWO figures overnight. I’m serious. Whereas a typical month’s commission used to be $2,000-$5,000, after this change it fell to $20-$35/month. :eek:

The real kicker is that my stuff is selling. It’s not like I have something that no one wants to buy. It’s selling, alright, but I’m making pennies on each sale while CP is raking in the dough. Some examples: hooded sweatshirts that used to bring me $20 commission, now yield me $1.19; bumper stickers that I used to make $2.00 each on, I now get $0.18.

I have no experience at and, frankly, I suck at promoting my stuff. I’ve tried. I mean I’ve really tried, even tried things like paying for Google ads, but nothing has worked because I’m just NOT a salesperson.

I need to find someone, and I don’t care if it’s an individual or an agency, who will be successful at generating sales. Someone reputable, reliable, successful at what they do. I don’t have a clue where or how to look! A random search on the Interwebs isn’t going to cut it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find someone like this? Ideally, what I hope to do is work with them on some sort of commission basis, i.e., where sales they generate (and these will be VERY easy to distinguish from other sales) yield them a certain percentage of my commission. But if I have to pay in other ways, like a monthly or hourly fee, or whatever, that’s fine too.

Finding a good marketer or company is one of the key tasks for creating a profitable business, I will explain why. What do you think makes your business profitable? Let’s go from the end. A business is profitable if customers are interested in the product you sell. And this means that you need to sell only the product that is most in demand. To do this, you need to analyze the market and understand what will bring you profit. That’s what the Digital Marketing Agency is for, and they essentially do the work for you. In addition, they also usually offer you help in improving your business, they act as an idea generator, if you can say so.