Finally I got $1000 a day [Epic Income Report Thread]

i kmow a good CA in case if you want.

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Our Nigerian Prince now demands Respect.
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I got to agree with most here. Seems like this guy is trying to get some customers…Can you get into where your income is coming from exactly: ads/IAP? Post screenshots of Admob console? Though not impossible, I laster 2 months (almost) making about $900 per day before Google removed the app. However, the last thing I would do it post it at a forum to get 100s of PM asking me how.

And probably some of them will actually pay for getting ‘answers’.

This post should be deleted by the admins

I am new here, but this!

This people are just ignorant hustlers happy and proud of making 10usd a day by this kind of scam, niggers…

Hey, If you are earning such an impressive amount than why are you begging for likes dear?:D… I cant understand, why you don’t want to share the name of your app? In fact real app owners are using this platform to tell the public about their apps

How about, getting your application enrolled in an app circus, competition, awards or anything like this. Don’t you think its gonna help, specially in terms of downloads? I recently, have read somewhere that you can boost your downloads by taking an advantage of such events. Please comment if you have got an idea or have a relevant experience.

Doesn’t look like the OP has updated in a while, how are things going?

He was just a plain scammer and the whole post is written in the Black Hat Forum style. He had a struggle, found a solution, and now he wants to “give back” to the community. It’s a classic formula, decades old, but it still works and you can make a lot of money by selling people false hope. But, it all depends on your moral standards and integrity, if you want to earn a living like that.

Only aso is not enough to rank and get enough install and earning.App/game required a high quality,unique and interesting.Donot forget users are real not a bot.If app is not good no one keep that in phone and use it for long even no one download it.

Something like this could happen, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
(Sitting comfortably on a 10$/day revenue)
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