Finally finished the App, Now what?

[b]Me and my friends have finally made the app to the specifications that we wanted. However now we have encountered a dilemma, what to do next. I have done research on the next steps. I know that for monetization Interstitial ads are the best. I know that we have to debug our app among other things. However I have all this information but it’s hard to wrap my mind around the publishing process, monetization process etc. It just seems so cluttered in my mind. If you guys would, could you give me a general game plan and details on the development, publishing and monetization of an app.

Much appreciation to any of you who could be so kind. :)[/b]

  1. Find which ad networks suits to your game based on the game type
  2. Plan for Interstitial or Banner ads
  3. May publish in Game stores apart from GP
  4. Make Release build and keep the licence key safe for further updates
  5. Test your Game on multiple android flavors
  6. Try all your features

Most important, Keep your Post font size small. it looks like one can read it from Moon as well.

Hey C3Guy,

Congrats on finishing your app. That is a great accomplishment. I have spoken to a few other people that have been developing apps as well, and have had the same questions. I have referred them to youAPPi to learn more about app monetization. They have some great things going on over there and I believe they could really help you out.

I look forward to seeing your app and other apps of yours in the future.

Best of luck.