Final Notice: Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement acceptance overdue

Just received this from Google, they’re saying that I didn’t accept the new agreement and they will ban the account by February’15, actually that’s funny because the account they’re claiming in the e-mail was already banned in 2012 so there is no way to accept the agreement.

Back in 2012 I was able to open a new account with a different credit card but still in my name, this account is still live and I accepted the agreement , of course. Now I’m confused because I don’t know what will happen on February’15, do you think they will re-ban the account with the related accounts? I’m still using that banned account for AdMob, do you think it can be affected?

Anyone else got this?

Hahaha, I also got this email on account banned in 2012 or 2013;)

don’t even try to login in using your banned account, Google will remember your pc and banned you later whatever you login in from this PC.

same here, an account from years ago got this email.

I got this email too…I don’t what I do

Guys, I have a question.
I a have other credit card, but in this card have the same billing address of my old account terminated.
The google checks billing address or not?


Nobody will tell. Experiment urself.