Fill rates are 0 for India?

Other than AdMob, I have been trying MoPub, InMobi, Facebook Interstitial via AerServ Mediation.

But not getting any ads at all. In their dashboard, I see the requests, but the fill rate is 0.

Few other things that I checked:

Vungle, AdColony - only for US
Chatboost - only for games, my app is not a game.

What are the good networks that provides Rewarded videos/Reward wall for India?

Hi duggout,

Have you considered AdBuddiz? We have a good fill rate in India, average eCPM approx. $1. You can drive up the eCPM by using our rewarded video ads, also available for India :slight_smile:

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to PM or email me: [email protected]


I have to say i’m surprised. fill rate can be low for other networks, but 0%? That is defnitely strange.

At any case - for Appnext, fill rate in India is %100. Not 40, not 50, not 85, not 95 - 100%. feel free to test my promise. We have over 100 campaigns in India, so you won’t have a fill rate problem.

PM me if you have more questions or just email me.