Fill rates - Airpush 43%

A lot of talk about CPMs but what about fill rates. My fill rate with Airpush was 43% yesterday. Is this normal? It’s no good having a great CPM with a low fill rate!

Hi Lowy,

No that is not normal fillrates for Airpush. Please PM me your info so I can take a look into your account and see where most your traffic is coming from.

ok. Thanks Phil. I have sent you an email.

Where are you Phil? It is now 36% and the day before 24.5%.

Just pretending interest.
How do you calculate your fillrate?

I dont have fillrate figure on my dashboard…where are you seeing your data?

I use my calculator - you have add requests and adds delivered on your dashboard.

Phil - you said to send you a message and i did so. I still have not got a reply so i don’t know if you even got the message. Today it seems to be better but i don’t know if anything has been done. It’s difficult to know anything when there is no feedback.