Fan payment november 2016

God, the SPAM BOT in this forum is amazing, I wish there is a feature to delete bot thread.
anyway, anyone received FAN payment yet this month ? I still haven’t got the remittance mail yet as of now (22 November 2016) GMT+7

anyone ?

I’m too.
I received an invoice from 10 Nov
But, up to now, i still haven’t received any payment from Facebook

same here, but some of the guy said they got paid already, and just received the email really late too. Let just hope within the next 2 day all will be transfered

Not received yet!

I haven’t received the payment from FAN too! Anyone know the problem?

I just received remittance email from FAN. A bit late this month. By the way, for the past 10 days, my eCPM suddenly drop 50%, is anyone having same issue ?

No, for me ecpm has stayed crazily high for a month.

Regarding the ecpm the same situation here, or even worse.

a bit different than you, from start of this month, my eCPM was very low, just 0.3, but it has been increasing for 5 days.

Just received the payment to my bank :smiley:

i am too, this month facebook paid a bit late than previous month.

Still waiting for my payment. Any others in the USA still waiting? They owe me $560 and $210 for total of $770