FAN Network Common ECPM and CTR?


Could anyone using FAN and have some experience with it comment if this numbers are common for my app?

My Main countries are Brasil, Mexico and US is having a ECPM of 7.66 and an CTR of 4.1 for interstitials. Is this too much? I don’t want my account to be banned.


The CTR seems pretty high to me.

@Falcon80 and others, could you comment about the CTR and show your numbers related to this?



How many impressions do you have?

Around 6k.


Depending on the Interstitial placement and if you have a lot of new users or many returning users, 4% isn’t much for Facebook. I have about 5% on Exit Interstitial and 20% on Start Interstitial (with mostly new users every day)

Mine is ranging from 0.3% to 1.0%. I have a mix of native and Interstitial ads.